Friday, February 1, 2019


Caroline has been able to remain fever-free for 24 hours, and her blood cultures showed no growth for anything specific, so she was able to be discharged today.  The IV antibiotics for 48 hours helped significantly, and we are all glad to be together, home, and hopefully able to catch up on rest!

Thanks for you for always keeping us in your prayers,
The Lantz Family

Good luck tonight, Preds!


  1. Caroline you look awesome. I love your hair. We are praying for you sweet girl.

  2. So glad that Caroline and all of you are at home now! The infusion therapy is so difficult, but I keep praying for the desired results to be achieved when it is all finished! Hope that all of you are able to enjoy this time together uninterrupted and that Caroline remains fever free! Hoping that the tooth fairy left something extra nice for Caroline last month! She has the cutest five year old smile! God Bless!