Sunday, November 24, 2019

TWO YEARS since diagnosis - where are we now?

It’s hard to believe we’ve hit the two year “cancer-versary” of Caroline’s diagnosis: November 24, 2017. We feel so many things, but mostly just grateful. Her original diagnosis was on Black Friday, and last year we were inpatient for Thanksgiving AND her one year mark...we are continuously reminded of how much we have to be thankful for, regardless of the holiday, or what the future holds.

The biggest blessing is that Caroline is alive and still has NO evidence of disease! She is on a clinical trial drug to (hopefully!) prevent relapse, and so far, so GREAT! She takes 6 pills a day, but relative to what she’s been through, it’s nothing. She is thriving in Kindergarten, was able to play soccer this Fall, and is enjoying being a Daisy Scout. She loves hanging out with her friends and having the freedom to do things that involve germs! She still loves singing, dancing, talking to everyone she meets, all things American Girl Dolls, and of course, her BFF dog, Hank.

Andrew has had his own version of challenges during this process, but he is resilient, strong, and protective of his little sister. He seems to have bounced back and is in full-on tween mode (fun times). He's loving all the new-found freedom Middle School has to offer, and is still football’s #1 fan!

As for Mark and Margaret...we’ve been trying to find or new “normal” over the past 6 months. Margaret went back to work full-time in September, and Mark has been steadfast in keeping our family together and supported; he's been our rock. PTSD is real, and it’s something that weaves in and out of our house regularly. We process and cope differently, but try to take each day, hour, minute as it comes, and practice patience.

As a family, we’ve slowly been able to show up for the community that carried us through, and it feels so good to be able to pay it forward and care for others. We’ve also been able to champion some causes that we so strongly believe in:, Make-A-Wish, Children’s Miracle Network, and of course, the Monroe Carrel Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt!

We will continue to use the blog to update as Caroline gets required scans throughout the rest of her clinical trail (approximately 18 more months). Thank you for pouring your love, support and prayers into our family…you have sustained us through the past 2 years.

Looking forward to the new year and new decade!

All the best to you and yours,
The Lantz Family