Monday, January 23, 2023

Cycle 11 - Complete

Caroline was discharged today after completing Cycle 11 of inpatient treatment for relapsed Neuroblastoma.  It was a great week of positive scan results, as well as an uneventful round of chemotherapy and antibody therapies.  Besides nausea, Caroline had no other serious side affects, and she ate very well all week long.  She’s feeling pretty good this evening, and is settling in back home.

We're hopeful she can get a few good weeks of school and fun in before having to return to Vanderbilt for Cycle 12 mid-February.

Thank you for all the prayers, Uber Eats meal cards and the other well wishes that were delivered to her hospital room this week.  We appreciate every single one of you!

The Lantz Family

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Scan Results - Cycle 11 Admission

Caroline had 2 scans to follow-up on her December readings that where inconclusive due to RSV inflammation in her midsection.

Todays scan results:

CT scan:  No new findings to suggest recurrent or metastatic disease.

PET Scan:  No evidence of malignancy.

We are obviously thrilled that Caroline is still beating this disease (again), and it gives us all a little bit of energy and hope as we continue onward with this long and exhausting treatment plan.

Assuming her counts are ok, Caroline will be admitted tomorrow (Wednesday) for Cycle 11 (of 17) of chemotherapy and antibody.  The next 6 days will be rough, but we are just glad that she can continue with her treatment.

Thank you so much to our Vanderbilt medical team, family, friends, and the entire community of prayer warriors - we're beyond grateful for the love and support!

The Lantz Family

Friday, January 6, 2023

Delayed Cycle 11 and Christmas Magic

Caroline didn't make counts this week to be admitted for Cycle 11.  She has scans on January 17th, so we're going to give her body a rest until those are complete, and try again for Cycle 11 inpatient admission the following day (1/18/23).  After 10 cycles, and in the middle of cold and flu season, her body is really struggling to recover between cycles.  We'll update the blog when we have scan results and an update for admission.

In other news, our prayers for Christmas magic were answered!  After a very horrible Cycle 10, Caroline was in rough shape physically and mentally...but on December 20th, Tractor Supply Co. granted her wish - a shopping spree for un-adoptable dogs!  It was truly an incredible day.  The generosity of Tractor Supply Co. was beyond Caroline a $3,000 shopping spree at the South Franklin store, as well as $1,000 to the Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue (the animal sanctuary Caroline selected to receive the toys from the shopping spree) and Angel Heart Farm (the equine therapy foundation that coordinated the wish).   Click here to see the full news story with video...

Unfortunately, Caroline's hair started falling out again.  After a week of hair all over the place, she made the decision to shave her head again today.  She's the bravest girl we know!

Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful start to the New Year,
The Lantz Family

PS - For those asking, here is the link to get #carolinestrong apparel.  Thank you for the continued support!