Friday, March 29, 2019

Immunotherapy Round 6 Underway!

Caroline had her weekly clinic visit to check blood counts and they were good enough to move onto the 6th, and final, round of Immunotherapy! She will take oral medication twice a day for the next 2 weeks, and the final day of her Neuroblastoma Standard Treatment Protocol will be April 10th. She is scheduled to have CT and MIBG progress scans on Thursday (4/11) and we hope to get the results on Friday (4/12).  As always, we will update the blog with results asap.

Caroline is feeling energetic right now; she has been able to do schoolwork at home, as well as spend quality time with family and friends. We are still hopeful that she will be able to go to her elementary school sometime in late April!

We have had requests for #carolinestrong slouchy tank tops for summer, so we relaunched a brief campaign; click here if you would like to order those or the other t-shirts.

Thank you for all the continued prayers, support and well-wishes!

All the best,
The Lantz Family

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Predators 365 Foundation / Clinic Update

Caroline had a weekly clinic visit today for blood work and an overall check up.  Her numbers were mostly good, but her ANC keeps dropping, and is a little lower then we would like at this point.  The low number could be registering because of a common cold, or even side effects of the oral medications she is currently taking as the last portion of Round 5 (of 6) of Immunotherapy.  For now she will continue weekly check-ups until her progress scans are scheduled in mid April.

We want to say thank you to Pekka Rinne, The Nashville Predators, and Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, for always doing so much to support children who are in treatment!  We got to attend a Preds game last night in one of the suites sponsored by Pekka Rinne...who helped with an awesome Preds win in an OT shootout!  After the game, we were invited to go down to the locker room area and meet with some players.  It was so awesome to be able to congratulate and thank them for all they do for the community!  We are very grateful that they take the time to give back so graciously, especially after every one of these physically exhausting NHL games!

Chugging ahead,
The Lantz Family


 Superstar Goalie - Pekka Rinne!

Fun visit with Ms. Kristen and Ms. Rhonda