Friday, April 12, 2019

Scan Results

Scan results showed: No Evidence of Disease!!! Thank the Lord!

Next Steps:

  • Enroll in DFMO clinical trial drug study which has (so far) proven to significantly decrease the relapse rate (which is high for Neuroblastoma)
  • Labs/Clinic check-ups monthly (or as needed in between)
  • Full panel of scans in 3 months (July) to check for evidence of disease.

We are hoping to be able to transition her into school starting next week, so she can finish out kindergarten at Trinity Elementary!

THANK YOU doesn’t seem like quite enough, but, THANK YOU for all the prayers, love, and continued support over these long 17 months!

The Lantz Family


Monday, April 8, 2019

Final Week of Standard Treatment / "Scanxiety"

Caroline is finishing up the last few days of her 6th Round of Immunotherapy...the final round of "Standard Treatment Protocol" for Stage 4, High-Risk Neuroblastoma. It has taken 17 LONG months to get here. She will take her final dose of oral medication on Wednesday evening, right before bedtime, and then get ready for a long day of testing on Thursday.

Busy week ahead!
  • Wednesday: MIBG Radioactive Injection, EKG, Hearing Test, Clinic Visit/Labs
  • Thursday: Sedated for hours to complete a CT Scan, MIBG Scan and a Bilateral Bone Marrow Biopsy
  • Friday: Clinic visit to find our scan test results and consult with Caroline's medical team to determine next steps. 
Since Caroline's diagnosis, our family has learned to live with a heightened sense of "anxiety" on a regular basis.  However, this week in particular, we are all beyond anxious.  It's been dubbed "scanxiety," and it's definitely a REAL thing.  We are asking for specific prayers for some sense of peace, a safe round of test prep/tests, and of course a NED (no evidence of disease) report on Friday!

We will post an update on this blog as soon as we can.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support; you all have really pushed us along this journey!
The Lantz Family

First time back in a pool since 2017!