Friday, March 13, 2020

Results: One-Year Scans

Caroline had her 1-year scans this week, and the CT Scan, MIBG Scan and lab markers all show NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!!  To say we are beyond thankful is an understatement!  She will continue to take her DFMO clinical trial drug (to hopefully prevent relapse) for the next 13 months, and will be re-scanned in 6 months.  With the flu season and COVID-19, we're hoping she can remain healthy through the season.

We're so grateful to her medical team that helped get us here, and who continue to work hard every day for these families!  Also a huge shout to all the folks at BeatNb who are fighting so hard for these kids to be able to get access to DFMO, which shows amazing promise in battling this awful disease.

Be safe out there!
The Lantz Family

Caroline being injected with MIBG radioactive contrast.

We Love Vandy!

Audiology test - she is showing signs of mild hearing loss, so we will re-check in 3 months.


CT Scan 


 Peace out! Walking herself back to the MIBG Scan.

 Fresh, 3-month supply of DFMO.