Friday, June 29, 2018

Autumn Jones' Fundraiser for Caroline / Clinic Visit Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Caroline STRONG fundraiser last night!  We had a great turnout, and we were truly blown away by the love and support from all of our Franklin-area friends and neighbors.  Caroline had a wonderful time seeing so many of her buddies, including her new pal, the Predators mascot, Gnash (major props Brian and Lincoln!). 

An extra special thank you to Autumn Jones for creating and organizing the entire event!  She put a ton of work and effort into this and we are beyond grateful for her dedication from start to finish.  Autumn, you rock and we love you! (*Fun fact: Autumn hosted Margaret's baby shower for Caroline back in 2013*). 

We also want to give a shout out to Autumn's VP's of Party-Planning, Cris Smith and Elizabeth Regas, and to all of the other folks that worked the raffles, check-in, kids' tables, grills (pretty much all the Jeffs in the VOC), DJ booth, dance judges, auctioneers, etc...we appreciate every one of the volunteers.  It was a night we will remember forever!  Our hearts are full and y'all are amazing!

Caroline visited the VUMC outpatient clinic today for her regular check-up, and (finally!) got mostly positive news.  Her platelets, white blood cells, and ANC (immune system) counts were all strong!!!  However, she did require a red blood cell transfusion as a result of low hemoglobin numbers. The doctors seem pleased with her recovery progress, so as of now, we are on track to start Round 2 of High-Dose Chemo / Stem Cell Transplant on July 16th.  Please continue to pray that Caroline stays healthy (and happy) over the next few weeks to avoid any delays in the treatment protocol/timeline!

As parents, we are very sad many days, really do struggle to get through the day, but you folks help keep us moving forward.  So, once again, thank you for all of the love, support, prayers, and well-wishes from near and far.  We could not do this without our incredible, ongoing support system.

Team Lantz


First time on a swing in almost 2 months!


Meeting Gnash!

Sporting her Gnash gear for clinic...

Cracking herself up while getting her blood transfusion - LOL!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Looks good...but, counts are LOW :-(

After 10 days home, we're finally settling in and getting back to our routine...for now.

Caroline went to clinic this past Monday and again today.  Her coloring is great, she's been acting more like herself, but her insides are still really fighting hard to recover from the high-dose chemo.  Her ANC/Neutrofils/White Blood Cell "counts" are still really low.  In fact, if we were inpatient right now, they would not even be high enough for her to be discharged.  Luckily, she doesn't have a fever, so we're able to continue to recover at home.  Caroline will remain in isolation (at home) until her counts come up...which we're hoping happens this weekend.  She got another Neupogen shot today, which is her 19th Neupogen shot since she finished the high-dose chemo right before her stem cell transplant.  Just as a refresh, the Neupogen shot helps revv up her white blood cell count, but her body is just taking a longer time to recover.  We return to clinic on Monday to check again.

Thank you for the continued prayers, meals, gift cards, generous gifts...everything!  Thank you for sticking with us through this long, hard journey. 

Reminder, if you're local, we'd love to see you next Thursday (6/28), at the event our awesome friend Autumn is hosting!  Click here to purchase tickets.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing dad I know...Mark!  He's getting our family though the toughest time I hope we ever face.  We're so lucky to have you as our protector and provider, and we love you so much!

XOXO - Margaret, Andrew, Caroline and Hank the Tank

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

Still here...

We have spent 27 of the last 28 nights at the hospital, and it looks like we are here for at least 1 additional night (maybe more).  Caroline needs to be fever-free for the next 24 hours, maintain good blood and platelet counts, and be eating and drinking enough on her own before they will consider her for discharge.  She is in good spirits, and her appetite is returning a bit, so we are cautiously optimistic. Please continue to pray for progress with recovery so we can get home ASAP!

Family Fun Party ticket link below-  Thank you for all the support!

Team Lantz

Eat More Cake!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Better Day / Local Fundraiser

Caroline’s fever looks like it has finally broken (hope this doesn't jinx it!)!  She has been fever-free since 7am this morning, and we're so grateful for the improvement.

She does have a little fluid retention /swelling as a result of some of the treatments she's received, but it doesn't seem to be a major concern at this time.  We are also monitoring a new, mild body rash that seems to be spreading, with no clear indication of the cause (yet).  Luckily, it's not currently itching her, but it is a concern that we will monitor and hope for a resolution ASAP.

The Vandy team started Caroline back on her NG tube feeds this afternoon - she will slowly increase the dose until she is able to tolerate at least 75% of her nutritional needs; she will continue these feedings at home (whenever we get back there) until she can/does eat proper nutrition on her own. The high-dose chemo and mucositis really effected her GI tract, and she hasn't wanted to eat or drink much at all over the past few weeks.  She is also able to take her oral medications through the NG tube, which is a huge help while she's still recovering from the pain of mucositis.

We expect to be in the hospital at least a couple more days, or until she is "healthy" enough to return home.

Local Nashville friends: please click the link below to check out this awesome family fun event that Autumn Jones has put together to honor Caroline. Thank you very much, AJ, and all of the supporters!

Thank you for sharing your unicorn cookies, Arlie!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Back in the Hospital

After less than 12 hours home, Caroline was re-admitted to Vanderbilt very early this morning due to severe nausea and a high fever last night.  Many tests and an x-ray later, they've determined she has some kind of virus (rhinovirus or enterovirus), which essentially is the common cold.  With her weakened immune system, all viruses and infections (and their symptoms) are cause for alarm and need to be addressed immediately.  For now, she will be resting in the hospital, getting hydration/nutrition and fever control. We are awaiting the results of a couple more tests, but hopefully we are able to go home again in the next couple of days; we will keep everyone posted.

The Lantz Family