Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Better Day / Local Fundraiser

Caroline’s fever looks like it has finally broken (hope this doesn't jinx it!)!  She has been fever-free since 7am this morning, and we're so grateful for the improvement.

She does have a little fluid retention /swelling as a result of some of the treatments she's received, but it doesn't seem to be a major concern at this time.  We are also monitoring a new, mild body rash that seems to be spreading, with no clear indication of the cause (yet).  Luckily, it's not currently itching her, but it is a concern that we will monitor and hope for a resolution ASAP.

The Vandy team started Caroline back on her NG tube feeds this afternoon - she will slowly increase the dose until she is able to tolerate at least 75% of her nutritional needs; she will continue these feedings at home (whenever we get back there) until she can/does eat proper nutrition on her own. The high-dose chemo and mucositis really effected her GI tract, and she hasn't wanted to eat or drink much at all over the past few weeks.  She is also able to take her oral medications through the NG tube, which is a huge help while she's still recovering from the pain of mucositis.

We expect to be in the hospital at least a couple more days, or until she is "healthy" enough to return home.

Local Nashville friends: please click the link below to check out this awesome family fun event that Autumn Jones has put together to honor Caroline. Thank you very much, AJ, and all of the supporters!

Thank you for sharing your unicorn cookies, Arlie!


  1. Hot PINK! How snazzy. You go girl!

  2. We will be there on the 28th. Huge prayers for a short stay in the hospital. Hugs you guys ❤️