Monday, June 11, 2018

Still here...

We have spent 27 of the last 28 nights at the hospital, and it looks like we are here for at least 1 additional night (maybe more).  Caroline needs to be fever-free for the next 24 hours, maintain good blood and platelet counts, and be eating and drinking enough on her own before they will consider her for discharge.  She is in good spirits, and her appetite is returning a bit, so we are cautiously optimistic. Please continue to pray for progress with recovery so we can get home ASAP!

Family Fun Party ticket link below-  Thank you for all the support!

Team Lantz

Eat More Cake!


  1. Praying you all...I know you have got to be exhausted. Praying for rest and comfort for all of you at HOME!

  2. Prayers going up!

  3. Thinking of you every day. You have so many prayer warriors out here!

  4. Yes we ask Lord that they could go home in your loving grace. Amen