Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Admitted to Vandy for High Fever

After an unplanned visit to the outpatient clinic at Vanderbilt yesterday for high fever (103.7), we found ourselves back there again today.  Caroline's fever failed to break overnight, after 24 hours of Tylenol, and she was looking/feeling worse this morning, so we returned to clinic today for more tests.  After consulting with her medical team, and based on her risk factors, they decided that she needed to be admitted for at least 48 hours.  So far, they have tested for (and ruled out) the flu and strep, but they proactively put her on an IV antibiotic.  They will monitor her counts and fever over the next couple of days, and we are hoping that she can improve quickly and get home for the weekend!  Although this isn't really where we want to be, with her compromised immune system, it is better to play it safe than sorry, and make sure she isn't at risk of seizure or other issues that can accompany a high fever and virus.

So, tonight, we will spend another night eating dinner together as a family, on a plastic couch in a hospital room on 6A.  There really are no routine or easy days for us right now (Dad, Mom & C), and we know how hard this must be on Andrew.  We hate that he has to go through all the back and forth and uncertainty that has become our lives.  We hope he one day understands...and maybe one day we will understand all of this, too.

We will keep the blog updated as things progress this week.

Thanks for hanging in there with us along the long, long way.

The Lantz Family


  1. Prayers and hugs for all 4 of you tonite.

  2. My heart hurts for your family and sweet Caroline. I pray for her that her fever will break quickly. I pray for the Lord to bless your entire family. Isaiah 41:10 ❤️

  3. I have o negative blood. If you need bone marrow and I’m a match I will surely come. I feel it in my bones that your daughter is gonna surprise everyone including doctors. Watch the movie miracles from heaven It is a true story and is truly amazing. Keep the prayer requests coming. I will be praying and forwarding to all my prayer warriors and their friends. God bless and message me if my blood or marrow could possibly help