Monday, January 28, 2019

Back Home!

Caroline was discharged from Vanderbilt today, after completing Part 2 of Round 4 of inpatient Immunotherapy treatment.  Other than some clinic appointments, she will now will have about 3 weeks to rest at home before going back inpatient for Round 5 of Immunotherapy.  She is doing well so far, and is weaning off pain meds, which are currently taken orally every 4 hours for stomach and leg pain (common side effect from the antibody infusion).  So far, there are no other visible side effects lingering from the weekend...prayers up and fingers crossed that this remains the case!!!

During Round 4 of Immunotherapy, she was able to get nearly 100% of the cancer-fighting antibody drug, Unituxin, and about 50% of the immune system booster infusion, IL-2.  Unfortunately, the combination of both drugs together was just too much on her body for all 4 days, so her team (including us) decided it was best to continue with just the antibody (Unituxin), and discontinue the IL-2, which is considered a lesser priority drug for this round.  This adjustment/discontinuation is not uncommon this late into immunotherapy; their bodies are weak and worn from 14 months of toxic treatment.  It was a hard decision, and not taken lightly, but luckily, her blood counts remained ok throughout the stay, and we were pleased with their explanation and quick reaction to adjust this round's protocol.

It's been a stressful, draining and exhausting couple of weeks, and we are all looking forward to spending quality family time together - under one roof - over the next few weeks!

THANK YOU for all the continued support and prayers!
The Lantz Family

Packed up and heading out of 6A, with assistance from Mr. Seth! 

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  1. Awesome news. I love the toothless grin so adorable. I pray Caroline as well as you both get some good rest. God bless you guys.