Friday, January 25, 2019

Hard Times - Immunotherapy Day 2

Caroline is now into Day 2, of Part 2, of Round 4 of Immunotherapy, and has really struggled with the side effects.  Fever, fluid retention, loss of appetite and severe mood swings have been present so far, but most notably (as pictured below), she had a severe reaction to the tandem infusions, which resulted in very bad skin hives/rash. As a result, her Oncology team decided to temporarily pause all treatment, in hopes the rash would subside...which it they slowly restarted treatment again late this morning, after adding a Hydrocortisone shot and an increased dose of Benedryl to her pre-infusion meds regimen.  She is on quite a bit of scheduled medication around the clock, to keep the side effects manageable.  So far today, this approach has worked, and she will hopefully be moved back onto a full dose of IL-2 and Antibody over the next 24 hours.  We are praying hard for no more issues or pauses in treatment, and hoping she can finish this round on Monday as planned!

We will update the blog if there are more delays, otherwise we will update again next week when she is discharged and home.

Thank you for all the continued well wishes, prayers and UberEats gift cards you send our way.  They really help us get through these hospital stays and hard times!

Much appreciated!
The Lantz Family


  1. Precious child- I pray for your healing! May God heal the allergic reaction and give you comfort...

  2. I’m so sorry that she (and all of you) are having to endure such a long fight with this horrible illness. We pray for strength for all of you daily and I KNOW that she WILL beat this!

  3. We will pray for no more pauses in treatment for her. We continue to pray for strength for your family! We know that God has plans to use her for great works in His name! We know she will receive His miraculous healing. 💜

  4. What this child has been through is heartrending. I wish I could do more than pray. 🙏

  5. Sweet little girl, breaks my heart to see her down and not running around chasing Hank. Please let us know if we can anything around home to help ❤️❤️

  6. So sorry Caroline is having such a bad reaction to the therapy. Prayers for a quick healing and to be at home resting soon. We lift her up in prayer and ask God to lay His healing hand on Caroline in Jesus name amen.