Friday, February 8, 2019

Progress Scan Update / Path Forward

Today we met with Caroline’s oncology team to review the results of her most recent MIBG progress scan, which was completed yesterday. Reading the results of these scans is very subjective, but overall, the medical team feels positive about the findings. The Radiologist cannot definitively say that she has “no evidence of disease,” but they are pleased with the improvements on this scan relative to previous scans. There are no plans for a biopsy at this this time, or any additional scans, until after treatment. As parents, we still feel very anxious (and a little bummed!) that she didn’t get a clear “no evidence of disease” result...her body has fought so hard, and for so long, we just want this disease to be gone already! But, we’re extremely thankful the disease didn’t progress.

Caroline is still on the standard treatment protocol, so the next steps are:

  • Round 5 of Immunotherapy (inpatient at the hospital)
  • Central Line Removal (surgery)
  • Round 6 of Immunotherapy (oral medication at home)
After Round 6 of Immunotherapy, Caroline will get progress scans again, and we're hoping she's eligible to enroll into a clinical trial that significantly decreases relapse rates, called DFMO. In order to qualify for this trial drug, she must have completed standard treatment protocol and also be NED (no evidence of disease) at that next scan.

Radiology prep for MIBG scan.

Driving herself back to MIBG scan.

As always, we appreciate your continued prayers and support during this long journey.

The Lantz Family


  1. As your UPS driver, and meeting this amazing young lady, may i say that I am glad to hear this seaming bit of good news. Never underestimate the impossible.

  2. What a cool frozen car to drive for the scans! Praying that the next set of scans after the last 2 rounds of immunotherapy yield the desired results so that Caroline is able to be part of the clinical trial!