Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Vanderbilt Admission - Immunotherapy Round 5

Caroline was admitted this evening for Round 5 (of 6) of Immunotherapy. We are hopeful this will be her LAST inpatient admission for cancer treatment; her next round of Immunotherapy will take place at home (oral medication).  She will begin antibody therapy tomorrow morning, as well as get on a Dilaudid PCA 24/7 for pain management (pain is caused by the anti-body drug, Unituxin). We expect all the same side effects this round, as in the previous 4 rounds: high fever, extreme nerve pain, rash, loss of appetite, low oxygen levels, low blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea, etc.  It will be a rough little stretch, but we hope and pray it’s doing everything to get her to an NED (no evidence of disease) scan in April.

For those that have asked about #carolinestrong shirts, there is a batch going to print in 2 days: click here for the link.

As always, many thanks for the prayers and support!
The Lantz Family

HUGE thank you to Michelle Prichard for the awesome door sign and room decorations...she's decorated for ALL of Caroline's inpatient stays!


  1. We pray along with you for healing.We also pray for comfort for Caroline with this round of treatment. God be with you all and yes Caroline cancer did pick the wrong kid. #carolinestrong

  2. Fight strong. I'm praying for you.