Friday, September 14, 2018

Proton Therapy Days 5-9 / God-winks

Caroline has now completed 9 of 20 Proton therapy treatments, and is still hanging in there!  The only side effects she's been feeling are nausea, some leg pain, and trouble sleeping.  It's VERY hard on our family to be this far apart, but despite it all, Caroline still has a ton of energy, and it's unfolded to be a really great week, with some pretty amazing God-winks...

An adventure trail walk in Sharon Woods Park to meet up with an old friend of Margaret's cousin...she was the sweetest!

Nona came for a visit!  Quality time, games, "prizes" and infamous Dewey's Pizza!

Bullseye Cake Pop at Target Starbucks for the win!

EWA Cubs won their first game of the season...and their tribute to Caroline is so touching!

God-wink of the week: We were a part of a chain reaction of kindness in honor of a girl named Maya, who lost her battle to cancer.  Her 15th birthday would have been on Wednesday, 9/12, and people were going around town doing random acts of kindness in her honor.  Caroline was the recipient of THREE of these acts!!!  It all started in Target, when Caroline was picking out a "prize" from Nona for being so brave...a lady came into the aisle and told us she was doing a "random act of kindness for a friend..." and handed over a gift card.  Caroline gave her a #carolinestrong bracelet, and everyone was emotional...THEN Margaret got an email from a friend of the lady who gave the gift card in Target, and she wanted to bring Caroline some toys she intended to bring to the Children's Hospital as her act of kindness...THEN someone bought us an UberEats giftcard for dinner and one of their random acts of kindness.  Although we never had the privilege of meeting Maya, we have been blessed by her and her friends.  You can read all about her and the "kindness cards" by clicking here.  We will definitely be paying this forward!!!

With lots of love,
The Lantz Family


  1. What an amazing day. So nice to hear about this kindness. What a great reminder how we all should be. Hugs to Caroline and you all. God bless

  2. A little kindness goes a long way. Continued prayers.