Friday, September 7, 2018

First Week of Proton Radiation / EWA Cubs / Pancake Dinner

Caroline finished her 4th of 20 Proton Radiation Therapy treatments this morning, and so far, she's still feeling great!  She's been able to go to the park, go for walks, get ice cream, do school work, dance and play all week!  Although nothing about this is easy, this week of Proton Radiation has been the "physically easiest" portion of her treatment protocol (so far), and we're really praying that the side effects of radiation stay at bay, and this continues.

Getting Proton Radiation Treatment feels like groundhog day: wake-up, don't eat (because of the anesthesia), drive to the Children's Hospital, check-in, get vitals, re-check info to make sure nothing has changed, get connected, walk back to the Proton room, get up on the table, distract with iPad while the "sleepy medicine" gets injected, give kisses...Proton Therapy takes place while we wait in the waiting room (about 30 minutes), then Caroline goes to recovery, the nurse gets us when she wakes up, and as soon as she has stable vitals, we head out for the day!  Repeat.  It's really a simple process, so we will just update the blog weekly while we are here, unless something unusual occurs.

 Playing before Proton Radiation - Carly from Child Life really takes great care of Caroline...

We wanted to share some special love and support we've received this week in particular.

Andrew's EWA Baseball Team went outside of the box this season and switched from traditional blue, white and red Cubs colors to Caroline STRONG purple and gold!!!  What an amazing gesture by a wonderful group of friends and neighbors in Franklin.  So very grateful for Coach Brent, Commissioner Jeremy, and all the wonderful, supportive coaches, players and parents in this league! In addition to our team's uniform change, ALL of the teams in the 12U league will display the CS logo on their sleeve! What a wonderful surprise!

Also, we are so thankful to our friend, Jennifer Leonard, and the Walker Baptist Church, for hosting a special pancake dinner and bake sale in honor of Caroline.  If you're in Franklin, and available tonight, swing by!  A lot of work went into this event and we are very grateful for all the friends, helpers and bakers that are putting this on.  We are with you in spirit!

And just for fun..."reading" a cookbook before nap...she's meal planning for the weekend!

Thank you for your constant prayers this week; we are amazed at how well it went.

The Lantz Family


  1. That's outstanding of Andrew's baseball team to change their uniform colours and support Caroline on their sleeves! They have taken team spirit to an entirely new level! What a blessing that Caroline's first week of proton therapy was such a success! I'll certainly pray that this continues for the rest of her treatments! I hope that Caroline is enjoying her kindergarten studies & look forward to the day when she will be able to attend with her classmates! God Bless! 😊💪❤

  2. I am so glad to hear the treatments are going well. It is community involvement at the highest level to see Andrew's team make the changes. Caroline must love seeing her brothers team so supportive as everyone else has been for her.

    We all love you Coroline!


    Love Uncle Tim