Friday, September 21, 2018

Proton Radiation Days 10-14

Caroline finished her 14th of 20 total Proton Radiation treatments today!

To date, she has minimal side effects (just nausea/vomitting and some nerve-related leg pain), and is doing a great job with the daily routine.  She loves seeing her Proton team every morning, and so far, the experience at Cincinnati Children's has exceeded expectations!  We are very thankful for everyone in the medical field that have dedicated their lives to helping others; it's truly a gift. 

Caroline has been able to continue her home-bound schooling a few days a week while we are here, thanks to a very generous new friend we met last week!

Mark came to visit for his birthday - so much fun celebrating, although we really missed Andrew.

While in town, Mark and Caroline were able to go to a Flashes of Hope photography session (Margaret and Caroline have done this before) our surprise, Caroline's picture from her Vanderbilt session earlier this year was spotlighted on the Cincinnati Chapter table!  They told us that all 55 chapters (nationally) are probably using her picture in their display and marketing materials!

On Thursday, Caroline pulled out her NG Tube, and is going back to taking her daily medication orally.  The tube was rubbing on her nose and causing some redness and discomfort so she decided it was time to get rid of it all together; she hasn't needed to use it for feedings in over a month.  We are very proud of her!

We are BEYOND thankful for our friends who have helped us with Andrew, Hank (the dog), and our home, while we continue to juggle and navigate this chapter of a very long and difficult process.  We would fall apart without this amazing army of love and support!

Again, thank you all for the prayers and encouragement throughout this journey.

Much Love,
Team Lantz


  1. What great news. Thanks again for all the updates. I love seeing all the pictures. Happy Birthday Mark. Prayers to you all.