Friday, September 28, 2018

Proton Radiation Days 15-19

What a week!  We've done so many fun things since the last update, and lots of pictures to show for it!  Caroline has successfully completed 19 of her 20 scheduled Proton Radiation treatments today, and she's actually feeling better than she did last week...minimal nausea, minimal pain, and LOTS of energy!

Saturday morning started with a play date!  Here is Vivian, another sweet 5 year old that is also battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, like Caroline.  We met her through the Proton Center, and have been able to see her several times.  Please keep Vivian in your prayers!

Saturday ended with a visit from one of Caroline's favorite "night nurses" from Vanderbilt, Valerie.  She and her husband moved back to Ohio...we miss her so much, but were so excited that she was able to come over and play some games!

On Sunday, cousin Victoria came to visit for a few nights...she's an AMAZING chef, and let Caroline help her in the kitchen.  We loved having her here with us!

Monday required a blood transfusion...Caroline taught Victoria how to meditate...hard to not laugh when she's wearing a deer costume!

On Wednesday, we went for ice cream with another fun friend, John, who is also fighting Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  Please keep him in your prayers, too.

Graeter's "famous" ice cream!

Wednesday night was super special...our new friends, Miss Sue and Miss Jill, came over to help Caroline decorate some cakes.  They created a hulk fist out of fondant...the cakes turned out awesome, and were so thankful for the new friendships!

Thursday included a "behind-the-scenes" Proton Therapy Tour.  It was really a mind-blowing experience, and we feel very fortunate that Caroline is able to receive such cutting-edge treatment, even though it's requiring our family to live apart for a short time.  

Until Monday, peace out Proton!

We are really excited to head home on Monday, but have truly had an amazing experience in Ohio!!!  We have been welcomed and embraced by this community (neighbors, friends-of-friends, random people that turn into new friends, the hospital team, etc), and luckily, for the first time in a long time, Caroline has felt really great!  

Thank you for your constant prayers, love and support for our family.

The Lantz Family


  1. So glad to hear you will be heading back home and all is going well. I love all the pictures of Caroline and her new friends. Praying for God's continuous blessing on you all.

  2. Makes my heart SO happy! Have been praying for you all and I'm so glad that things are going so well. I know you will be so happy to be home!! Love seeing the pictures!

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better and will be going home soon. Caroline you are such a strong young lady and a inspiration to me. Prayers

  4. This makes my heart so happy!! Love you all!❤️❤️❤️

  5. Prayers for both Vivian & John and their families. I hope both of them make a full recovery! I bet it was beneficial for Caroline to meet other children who are experiencing the same health challenges as she.