Thursday, August 23, 2018

Proton Therapy / Cincinnati Update

Caroline and Margaret got back late last night, after 2 full days of doctor's appointments, consultations, scan, x-ray and general Proton Therapy education and prep.  Information overload, to say the least. 

We do not know the exact date that Caroline will start Proton Therapy, but they are shooting for sometime next week (Wednesday or Thursday), or at the latest, September 4th.  

We have secured housing and will be staying at an apartment very close to the Proton center, which is very helpful, since Caroline may be nauseous after being sedated every day before she gets radiation.  She will receive a total of 20 outpatient treatments, and we hope to wrap-up late by September or early October.  Mark and Andrew will travel up to Cincinnati as work, school and baseball schedules permit.

Some friends have been asking for Caroline Strong t-shirts, so we have re-launched the campaign with a new design.  You can purchase or just check them out by clicking here.

Thank you for all the love and support as we move into this 4th major phase of the High-Risk Neuroblastoma treatment plan.

Lantz Family

Proton Radiation machine! 

 Caroline was able to get up close to the machine and check it out!

Proton Therapy Center and Cincinnati Children's Hospital - Liberty Campus

Lobby of Proton Center 

Solid dab on luggage cart...

Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

Exhausted on the ride home...


  1. Love seeing that sweet smile. Praying this next leg of the journey is as smooth as possible

  2. Praying praying praying these pictures are precious We love you