Thursday, August 16, 2018

First Day Kindergarten (Homebound Instruction)

Today was Caroline's first day of homebound instruction for Kindergarten!  She met her new teacher, Ms. Elise, and they had a great morning discussing the upcoming year!  Caroline will take classes at home (or in the hospital) a couple days a week, as she is able medically and physically.  She will also have a homeroom class at Trinity Elementary that will be including her and rooting for her from afar.  She is very excited to learn and grow with Ms. Elise!

Still no dates from Cincinnati...

Lantz Family

First day of Kindergarten!

~Proud Parents~

What a difference a week makes!  Last Thursday in ICU...this Thursday, Kindergarten!


  1. Fantastic! Happy first day, Caroline!!

  2. I love it! Happy Kindergarten, Caroline!!! And I love that you want to be a Beach Cleaner!! <3

  3. Caroline you look adorable in your polka dots. Have fun in Kindergarten and learn lots.

  4. Whoo hoo. So excited for you Caroline.Enjoy kindergarten.

  5. That's great news!! You go, Caroline!!

  6. My sweet little future “beach cleaner” !!! Love the pika dots and love her spirit. Welcome to Kinder, Caroline!

  7. Have a great time with Ms. Elise in kindergarten Caroline!