Friday, August 17, 2018

Cincinnati - Part 1 / Clinic Visit Today

Today we (finally!) confirmed that we will be at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for 2-3 days next week to meet their Radiation-Oncology team, Oncology team and Anesthesia team, to get the planning scans and measurements needed for Caroline's upcoming Proton Radiation Therapy.  Once they have accurate measurements, they can put together the actual plan for Caroline's targeted areas of treatment and confirm a start date.  That planning process typically takes 7-14 days.

We anticipate returning to Cincinnati the first week of September to begin our month-long treatment.

We have loosely secured housing for the month-long stay (just need the actual dates to lock it up), so a BIG Thank You to all of those that offered guidance on where to stay, etc!

Caroline had pretty good numbers at clinic today, and only required a platelet transfusion and an antimicrobial infusion.  The Vandy team is very happy with her progress and recovery from Transplant #2 and her complications last week.

Thank you for all the continued love and support!

Lantz Family


  1. Awesome! You're a champion Caroline! I hope she gets great care from fantastic Nurse Anesthetists / CRNAs!

  2. From Kindergarten to, I don’t know, Harvard maybe? From Nashville to Cincinnati to, I don’t know, the White House, maybe?

  3. Prayers that the initial consultation and planning for Caroline's radiation treatment go well for all of you! It's great news to see that Caroline is doing so well so quickly after her scary set back! She is such a resilient warrior!

  4. Prayers for you all and her doctors as you get ready for this trip and the next treatment plan.