Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back on Oncology Floor

Caroline was moved back to 6A from the ICU at 5pm today!  Her blood pressure is stable, she isn't requiring oxygen, and she is currently resting with IV fluids and pain control medication. She will start NG tube feeds tonight and hopefully start drinking water or juice again soon.  She will be tested daily via blood cultures to make sure the bacterial infection is exiting her system, which is the first step to being considered for discharge next week.

Although she's made great progress, another issue popped up right before we were being transferred out of the ICU: one side of her double lumen hickman line (central line) is clogged and not flushing at all.  We are awaiting the surgical team to assess and see if it can be fixed bedside (or magically clear up!).  We're told that these types of clogs typically are related to bacteria clinging to the inside of the line, or possibly a blood type clot/obstruction in the line.  We will keep this blog updated when we find out the actual cause and resolution.  Please pray that this can be resolved without having to replace the entire line, which would require sedation and surgery.

We are all completely zapped...mentally and physically...and need a little stretch without any more surgeries, setbacks or surprises.

Lantz Family


  1. Holding you all up in prayer tonite.

  2. She is an amazing child who will do great things in this world as an adult!

  3. God bless you all. I keep your sweet Caroline and your whole family in my prayers every day.