Monday, May 28, 2018

Mucositis Pain / C. Diff / Rash Update / Fever

Caroline is still in really rough shape overall.  She has severe pain from the mucositis that has spread throughout her GI tract, which is a major side effect of the high-dose chemo and not having an ANC (immune system).  She is also still struggling with the pain and effects of C. Diff, which she will be tested for weekly, until she tests negative for the infection 2 weeks in a row.  Her pain is being managed by both a continuous morphine drip and a demand push-button.  She's also been fighting off a fever for the last few days.  We are grateful that Caroline is no longer dealing with the rash that lasted for 7 days, and she has not complained about any severe itching for the past several days.  Her day primarily consists of laying in bed, with an occasional trip to the couch to play with her baby dolls.

We are hoping that she begins to turn the corner over the next several days.  The first indicators will be an improved ANC, and less pain in her mouth/throat and GI tract.  She has not been able to eat or drink in over a week, but is receiving nutrition through her NG feeding tube and IV fluids.

Thank you for all the love and support!

Lantz Family

Changing the lines/IV many medications hooked up at once.

How she spends most of the day.

Peach fuzz hair will fall out again from this round of chemo.

Morphine push button.

She loves playing babies with Aunt Joanna!

Always trying to smile, no matter how she feels!


  1. Love you Continually praying for Caroline’s healing and strength for you all. My heart aches for you all deeply.

  2. Sweet girl. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with you every day.💕

  3. Thanks for the update on Caroline! Despite everything she and your family are going through, that last picture demonstrates hope for the future after this is over & the tremendous strength Caroline & all of you share! I keep all of you in my daily Prayers! All of you are in good hands, God's and the awesome medical team at Vanderbilt!

  4. Sending healing wishes for sweet beautiful Caroline and your family. Prayers for her to rest with comfort and ease.