Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 1: High-Dose Chemo

We're in our room and all settled.  Caroline got her first dose of chemo around 10:30am, and she's had her first scheduled bath.  The type of chemo that she gets seeps out through her pores, and can burn skin (hers and anyone that touches her), so she has to get baths every 6 hours, around the clock, until the day after she's finished taking this chemo (Thursday).  In addition to requiring extra bathing, she also has to change her pjs, get all clean sheets/blankets/stuffed animals, etc.   Margaret has to wear gloves when she touches her, change clothes when Caroline changes, and generally not come into skin-to-skin contact with Caroline.  The side effects are being well-managed right now, and we aren't expecting to see anything extreme until tomorrow. 

Walking into the hospital - 7:30am

Packed for a month!

1st thing to prep for chemo was: get her central line dressing off, as well as her steri-strips leftover from the tumor resection, so the dressings don't hold the chemo on her skin, and cause burns.

Playing "Nurse" with her baby doll.

Still smiling!


  1. Caroline is seriously the strongest girl alive! Love all the cheery rainbows in her room. The nurse in me says: her incision looks great and keeping a smile on your face and a positive attitude means Everything in the healing process. Xoxo to you all.

  2. She is amazing! Love the way she makes me feels when I see her amazing natural courage!
    She is a true Rockstar!

  3. Prayes for you all and the Doctors and nurses caring for Caroline. Your family is such an inspiration to so many people. Keep the faith and stay Caroline Strong. Love to you all.

  4. Caroline is such an inspiration! Prayers for you all this week. Sweetest smile in the world.💕

  5. This kid. I’m telling you, just from her pictures and reading the updates, cancer picked the wrong little human!

  6. Caroline is amazing! Best wishes for the upcoming month!

  7. We love you Caroline!! From your AoMM family!!!! Love always, April