Monday, May 7, 2018

Information Overload: Prepping for High-Dose Chemo and Stem Cell Transplant

Today was a busy and tough day for all of us: back-to-back appointments from 8am-4pm, and a day full of listening to info that we're still processing hours later. We met with Caroline’s transplant team to discuss what’s on the horizon for the next week, sign consent forms, ask a laundry list of questions about the high-dose chemo/stem cell transplant (and the side effects), and get a general idea of what to expect during our extended stay.  Although we knew some information about high-dose chemo and the stem cell transplant process, this was the first time we heard it directly in relation to Caroline's treatment.  It's absolutely gut-wrenching to hear what she's about to endure.  The side effects of her forthcoming treatment are: mouth sores, mucositis (potentially through her entire GI tract), high fever, infection, liver and kidney issues, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.  High-dose chemotherapy is similar to other 5 rounds of chemo she's had, only extremely amplified (hence the name and more extreme side effects).  We will post more info on Caroline's exact schedule later in the week, but as of now, she is scheduled to start the process on Monday, May 14th.     

Caroline's appointments today included:
  • Kidney function testing, which included a radioactive injection, as well as 5 separate blood draws/tests, to ensure Caroline’s liver will be able to tolerate the high-dose chemo, and to what degree
  • 2 urine tests 
  • RVP Nasal Swab (test came back negative for viruses - yay!)
  • EKG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Hearing Test (one of the many side effects of the chemo she's received is hearing of her check-up today, she does not have any hearing loss - another YAY!)
  • Weekly Hickman line dressing change, including daily line flush
MORE Appointments this week:
- Liquid radioactive injection of MIBG for the MIBG Scan (requires 3 days of drops prior to protect Caroline's thyroid)

- MIBG Scan (will tell us if/where/how much of her cancer remains)
- Bone Marrow Biopsy (at last check, her bone marrow was comprised of approximately 25% cancer cells...we are hoping for zero!)
***We will not know the results of either the scan or the biopsy for at least 24-48 hours***

- Final appointment with the transplant team prior to admission on Monday

Please keep those prayers coming!  What we're about to face sounds like hell-on-earth, and so far, your thoughts, prayers, love, and support have gotten us through. 

Thank you, thank you!
The Lantz Family

Early morning hospital visits require donuts!

Radioactive injection for kidney function test.

Dressing change (done weekly) and central line flush (done daily).

We were able to meet soldiers at lunch and thank them for their service!



Nurse Kate will be away during our extended stay - we will miss her - glad to get in some hugs!

Hearing Test!  


  1. What a rockstar. Love you so sweet Caroline!

  2. Just a little while longer Caroline and this will all ne in the distance. You got this! Hugs from the johnsons

  3. May God's love enfold and protect darling Caroline and family during the days ahead. 💖

  4. While walking Zoe, I saw Caroline playing and having fun. I got home, got on my knees and did Hail Mary's as in a trance. ��

  5. Your precious child is an inspiration. To see her smiling in these photos as she endures all the tests, etc is proof that God is walking with her in this journey. Many continued prayers for your family.

  6. Praying a supernatural ability to endure these coming days with the best outcome for each too Carolines healing in Jesus name. Love y'all!

  7. Papa loves you forever and always

  8. Look at how strong you look Caroline! I'm going to keep checking in and praying for you each step of the way. The true ugly, dark part of this road is approaching so be brave and know everybody is pulling and praying for you, the clouds do let the sun in at the end, remember that. I'll be checking in soon, Take care sweetheart

  9. Keep fighting Caroline you can get through this! And most importantly keep smiling! From the Perera’s in Orlando, FL

  10. Despite everything she has already been through, and what is about to happen, Caroline's fearless energy shines through her sweet smile! Keeping all of you in my thoughts & prayers as this next course of treatment begins! #CarolineStrong #LantzStrong #GodsGotThis

  11. The bible story I read with my girls this morning was about prayer. They learned to never stop praying and asking God for what we need. We will not stop praying for Caroline and what she needs.