Friday, May 11, 2018

MIBG Scan Results / Monday's Admission and Schedule

Caroline’s transplant doctor called us yesterday while we were on the way home from the scan/biopsy with (to quote her) “very good news.” The MIBG Scan showed significant improvement and reduction of disease from surgery and chemo to date. Her Curie score is now a 1, down from 5 when we started in November. Any Curie score below 2 is usually a sign that patients will respond relatively well to the rest of the treatment protocol (still 12 months left!): high-dose chemo, stem cell rescue, radiation, and immunotherapy.

While we were at her clinic appointment today, we were able to view her scans alongside her original MIBG scan, and get more info on the most recent results.  The cancer that still exists is mainly contained in her pancreas area, which is what we suspected, based on her surgery, and the portion that her surgeon was unable to remove.  The medical team is satisfied with the results to date, and we will move forward with the treatment protocol as planned.

Caroline and Margaret will check into the hospital early Monday morning for approximately 30 inpatient days. The team is hoping to start the high-dose chemo by mid-morning on Monday.  Here is the schedule for the extended stay, as well as info for visitors:

  • Monday, 5/14: High-Dose Chemo, type #1 (requires baths every 6 hours, around the clock, to prevent skin burn)
  • Tuesday, 5/15: High-Dose Chemo, type #1 (requires baths every 6 hours, around the clock, to prevent skin burn)
  • Wednesday, 5/16: High-Dose Chemo, types #1 AND #2 (requires baths every 6 hours, around the clock, to prevent skin burn)  **this is expected to be the worst chemo day during this cycle, because she will be receiving both types of chemo on the same day**
  • Thursday, 5/17: High-Dose Chemo, type #2 (baths every 12 hours, to prevent skin burn)
  • Friday, 5/18: High-Dose Chemo, type #2
  • Saturday, 5/19: High-Dose Chemo, type #2
  • Sunday, 5/20: Rest
  • Monday, 5/21: Stem Cell Transplant Day!
  • Tuesday, 5/22 and beyond: Neupogen shots daily until ANC (neutrophils) is above 500 for 3 days in a row, and then remain inpatient, isolated for approximately 21 days, or until her ANC and blood counts recover to safe levels for discharge.
Caroline will not be able to have any visitors during this hospital stay because her immune system will be more compromised than ever before, due to the high-dose chemo.

We will know the bone marrow results by Monday, but the MIBG scan news is giving us renewed energy and hope!

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Thank you for your continued support for our family...we're ready for the next phase!

The Lantz Family

                                                Today's Clinic Check-up at Vandy

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