Thursday, May 31, 2018

She's turned the corner/Angel Nurses

Today, Caroline's ANC (absolute neutrophil count/immune system) was up to 750, which is great progress, considering she has been at 0 (zero) for a long stretch!  Among other things, she needs to have an ANC above 500 for 3 days in a row to be considered for discharge.  She is still on a laundry list of medications, and a little swollen from fluid retention, but barring any setbacks, we are on pace to go home Monday...1 week ahead of schedule!  We are VERY excited to all be together again in the same house!

Caroline will come home with her feeding tube for at least 4 days, or until she is getting enough nutrition through her regular diet.  We should be able to enjoy 5 weeks at home before the next round of high-dose chemo/stem cell transplant #2 (more details to follow, as we get them).

Once again, thank you to all the doctors, nurses and support staff at Vanderbilt!  Caroline is having a great time this week hanging with many of her nurse friends: Morgan, Josee, Abby, Deanna, Valerie, Ashley, Livvy, Jennifer, Caitlin, Sarah, Kate (welcome home!!!), and so many more...we are so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful people taking care of our daughter!

Thank you for all the prayers and support!

The Lantz Family
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  1. Praise God for such good news. What a blessing to see her sweet smile again and sitting up! Caroline you are one strong and brave little girl. Keep up the good fight and I will keep sending up prayers for you.
    God Bless your family

  2. Thank you, Jesus, for this fantastic news and improvement. You are such a strong and brave warrior princess, Caroline! I will keep praying for your continued improvement.

  3. Such good news!! Praying for all of you.

  4. What great news. Carolina's smile made my day. Prayers for you all.

  5. She had been on my mind, this is wonderful to hear! I pray for her nightly, blessings to you all! Continue to be strong little Caroline!

  6. That’s awesome we are so happy to hear she is doing good. We think about her a lot
    Shawn and Samantha howard