Monday, June 12, 2023

Cycle 17: "Sad, Excited, Scared..."

Caroline was admitted for Cycle 17 of treatment for relapsed Neuroblastoma. Her ANC was low today, but her labs looked ok otherwise, so with her doctor's approval, we’re pressing on with her FINAL cycle. Caroline has already been sick 3 times in the first 3 hours of admission today...likely a combination of nerves and the general scent of the hospital making her nauseous.  Her feeding tube had to be replaced (which she inserted herself!), then x-ray came to confirm proper placement (she placed it perfectly).  

Last night, we asked Caroline how she was feeling about the end of treatment. Her exact words were: “sad, excited and scared…sad because I won’t get to see all of my inpatient nurses, excited for treatment to be over, and scared that my cancer will come back.” We told her that we feel the exact same way.

We’re praying for an uneventful week going forward, and hope to be discharged on Saturday.  We'll update the blog when we're home and have "next steps." 

Thank you for the continued love and support,
The Lantz Family

PS: #carolinestrong t-shirts are still available for purchase by clicking here.  Thanks, Zack!

Rough start to Cycle 17...

HUGE thank you to Michelle for decorating Caroline's room for every single cycle since 2017!  It was definitely a "full circle moment" to have you hang the decorations for her final chemo you!  


  1. You go!!! Just amazing. You are mighty. Stronger than anyone I know. My prayers continue to be sent your way.

  2. You got this! Last one, home stretch. Wishing you an uneventful session and quick recovery. Prayers for you sweet girl!

  3. Best of luck Caroline and good wishes to all the Lantz family.

  4. This is an amazing time for all of you. The fear and excitement and sadness are all real emotions to deal with. I love you all and we pray for this to be gone for good now 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. So proud of you Caroline! You got this one nailed! We’re all praying for you and for these treatments to be behind you for good! 🙏💕🙏

    Stuart & Karen

  6. My goodness she is so brave and strong. I cannot believe she placed her own NG, wow! Keep pushing Caroline, the end of treatment is near! Xoxo The Coopers

  7. Sweet Caroline, we've never met but I knew your mama when she was just a toddler, as I'm friends with your Gramma and Papa Akerboom. I can tell where you get your strong, tenacious spirit from; your wonderful family!!! Praying for you, dear one!! I can't wait to hear all of the good reports when you're finished! ❤️ Elizabeth Gamboa


  8. Bless you Caroline and my Prayers are with you that this cancer beast is forever gone. God loves you and so do I...❤️🌹🙏