Monday, May 29, 2023

Home Sweet Home from Cycle 16

Caroline was discharged from Cycle 16 (of 17) of her inpatient treatment at Vanderbilt on Saturday.  As with the pervious cycles, she will get daily Leukine shots at home for the next week to boost her immune system, and then hopefully recover well enough for her final cycle of inpatient in a little over 2 weeks.

We are so grateful for the amazing care team at Vanderbilt - they did a great job this week addressing all of Caroline’s struggles with chemo side effects; her nausea was particularly rough this stay.

Also, much appreciation, honor and respect for the American men and women who have served and given all for this great country; we know that Freedom isn't free...thank you for your service.

The Lantz Family


  1. Love you sweet girl! The ponies are waiting for you 😍

  2. Sending you guys hugs and prayers 🤍