Thursday, May 11, 2023

Treatment Schedule Update / Next Steps

Caroline completed Cycle 15 (of 17) for treatment of her relapsed Neuroblastoma. She came home Saturday and has been feeling well enough to participate in school and family activities this week. Assuming she meets her bloodwork requirements, her next scheduled admission will be May 22nd. We are hopeful she can stay on track and finish out these last 2 cycles on time (by June 17th).

In other news, we had a call this week with our Vanderbilt Oncology team and the Oncology team from Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, to discuss post-treatment “next steps.” Assuming all goes well with Cycles 16 and 17, her bone marrow is clear, and her scans remain clear after treatment, we will be enrolling Caroline in a high-dose DFMO clinical trial at Levine Children’s Hospital. This drug (DFMO) is one of the only available maintenance treatments for Neuroblastoma in the world. We are grateful that Caroline will be able to take something to hopefully/potentially prevent another relapse. We will keep you posted as we get closer, but we are very appreciative of Dr. Smith’s and Dr. Sholler’s teams working together - not only help minimize travel, but most importantly, give Caroline access to the best possible chance of surviving this awful disease. More to come…

Thank you for all the prayers and continued support (especially the Ubereats cards for the hospital)!
The Lantz Family

Caroline in Hyde Park, FL a few weeks ago...


  1. So exciting !!! She is almost done!!! ❤️

  2. I love the Lantz family and am sorry we don’t see them more. Great news family

    1. I was not anonymous the is John

  3. All the best to Caroline and her family! Thinking of you,

  4. Great news on all fronts. We'll keep praying.

  5. wonderful and encouraging news! Hang in there everyone, she is almost done! Sending positive thoughts and prayers daily.

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