Saturday, June 17, 2023

SEVENTEEN Cycles: Complete!

When Caroline relapsed in April 2022 and we were working with her team to figure out the best treatment plan...eventually landing on 17 cycles Irinotican, Temodar and Dinutuximab therapies would statistically give her the best chance of beating this disease (again). 17...SEVENTEEN...17 cycles felt so far away...sometimes it didn't feel like we'd ever get to this cycle - literally and figuratively. But, here we are...she did it.  We did it!  

HOME from the last cycle. CYCLE SEVENTEEN. In 14+ months, Caroline has been inpatient for 106 nights at Vanderbilt, while getting:

- 85 doses of Irinotecan Chemotherapy

- 85 doses of Temodar Chemotherapy

- 68 doses of Dinutuximab Immunotherapy

- 119 Leukine Shots to boost her immune system

- thousands of doses of oral medication

- hundreds of "pokes" for labs, PIVs, etc.

- countless scans, tests, biopsies, x-rays, labs, etc.

She missed 74 days of school, but still averaged STRAIGHT As for the entire year! The 3rd Grade superlative selected for her was "Future President," which seems very fitting!

Progress scans are scheduled for next week and will update blog after that.

We're exhausted and drained, but beyond grateful.  Thank you for the continued prayers and support.

The Lantz Family

Final "walk out"n from 6A to the "No More Chemo" Song...make sure you check out Caroline's dance moves at the end!  We love our Vandy "framily!"


  1. Congratulations Caroline! WOW! We are so proud of your courage and strength! You are an inspiration to us all! So glad this is all behind you!! your family is amazing as well!

  2. Congratulations I am so proud of your courage and strength 💪. Caroline strong 💪

  3. Soo. Beautiful. Thank god. He’s still in control. Prayers keep you going strong

  4. Congratulations Caroline, have a great summer!

  5. God bless you Caroline, have a great summer and stay strong.

  6. Congratulations Caroline!! You continue to be such an inspiration to us! We are super proud of you! To God be the Glory!!

  7. Congrats Caroline….. we think about you often and are thrilled for you and your family…… your strength and courage is very inspiring…. God Bless you and your family!!