Saturday, April 23, 2022

More Tough News

Caroline's bone marrow biopsy came back showing evidence of disease. We are deflated, but not defeated. It's such a helpless feeling to watch your “visually” healthy and happy child have such an aggressive cancer taking over their body. Again.

Today is Day 2 of Cycle 1: 2 chemos and an antibody therapy. The chemo side effects hit her hard yesterday, but luckily, she was able to get medication to counteract it...although it made her feel out of sorts and yucky all day. Day 2 of Chemo started this morning at 6:30am, and it’s mind-blowing to think that she’s already received eleven medications in less than 4 hours…with lots more to come. The antibody therapy is extremely painful - it runs over 20 hours and is combined with a constant drip of Dilaudid, a few “pre-meds" (Tylenol, Benedryl, Zofran, Pepcid, Gabapentin and an antibiotic) to prep her body for the drug, as well as various other medications over the 20 hours to address side effects. She’ll basically be connected to IV medications from now until we leave.

Shout out to Caroline’s new friend, Zack, who she met at the Preds game 2 weeks ago. She taught him about hockey, and in return he offered to help design and launch a t-shirt campaign through his merchandise company. We really appreciate all the love and support from his team. If you would like to get a #carolinestrong t-shirt, they are now available by clicking here.

We’ve also listed other ways you can support below; we’re beyond grateful.

Praying for a miracle,
The Lantz Family

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Day 2 - Cylce 1

Zack and friends with the Lantz Crew...GO PREDS!!!


  1. You’ve got this Caroline! Be strong sweet girl! 💛

  2. Continued prayers for Caroline! We are standing in faith for complete healing.

  3. This is Easter Season, a time of new beginning. But as the season unfolds in Scripture, the fear and anxiety within the Apostles is palpable. Things got better for them at Pentecost, but fear and anxiety was always mixed in with their lives. We all have to mange the best we can and draw upon the love around us when we become paralyzed. You are all being lifted up in prayer everyday, at every hour of the day by friends and family. And sometimes we have no power at all to fix things and so we have to gave it all up to God. But as you already know the many small miracles that happen when we do that, are so profound and fill us with awe, if even for just a moment. I pray God will give you a moment of awe this week.