Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Port / Biopsy / Cycle One

 A video message from Caroline:

Tomorrow is a big day...Caroline will go under anesthesia to have her central line (port) placed, get a bone marrow biopsy from her lower back, and then she will be admitted to the Oncology floor at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital to begin her first cycle of chemotherapy.

A recap of the cycles: 2 chemo drugs + 1 antibody drug while inpatient over 5 nights/6 days, home to recover for two weeks – including daily shots to recover her immune system, then repeat again.

Please pray that her body responds to this therapy, and that it immediately starts to kill off the cancer cells in her body!

Many thanks for all the prayers, outreach, love, and's go time!

The Lantz Family

***T-Shirts are almost ready…we will post the link as soon as we have it. If you’d like to help in the meantime, here are a couple links:

American Red Cross Blood Donation
Caroline's Hospital Wishlist
Medical Expenses via GoFundMe
Family Meals via UberEats Gift Cards (sent to

A huge “thank you” to those that have sent Caroline gifts…many arrived without the sender's name, but we are so grateful!

Photo Credit: SK!


  1. Prayers for a successful and efficient surgical day, Caroline!

  2. Right now in Jesus name, cancer GO! Life to your body right now little one. Be healed now! Body, recover right now.

  3. Praying for you and the family.

  4. May God bless you and heal either by this treatment or divine intervention may you have strength to carry you through this Carolyn in Jesus name I pray.

  5. Sending many prayers that her body responds well to treatments. She is a true warrior.. ��❤

  6. We’re praying and want you to know you are in our thoughts!

  7. What a little warrior! We are praying hard for all of you.

  8. We love you Caroline, there is an army of prayer warriors around you dear one

  9. We are continually praying for Caroline and the entire family! God's got this!