Monday, November 19, 2018

Immunotherapy Round 2 ~ CMAs w/ Maddie and Tae ~ FTGF!

Today we were admitted to Vanderbilt for Round 2 - part one of Immunotherapy (part two begins next week).  This week's treatment drug is called IL-2, and it is used to boost Caroline's immune system, white blood cell count, and ideally assist the antibody drug (Unituxin) to fight the Neuroblastoma cancer cells in her body.  The IL-2 infusion will run 24/7, for 4 days straight, and begins tomorrow morning.  Caroline will receive "pre-meds" in anticipation of potential allergic reactions and high fevers (common with this drug), as well as pain management meds while the infusion runs.  Possible side effects from this week's treatment are: high fever, pain/discomfort, swelling, nausea, low blood pressure and general flu-like symptoms. 

Last week, Caroline got to attend THREE very, very special events:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Country Music duo Maddie and Tae surprised Caroline and Andrew with "real" signed guitars and VIP tickets to the CMA awards for our entire family!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Caroline (and our whole family), and we are very grateful to everyone that helped make it happen.  Luckily, Caroline was feeling like herself that day, which made it even better!  Special thanks to the following amazing folks that participated in pampering Caroline and our crew for the day: Vanderbilt Children's Child Life Team, Maddie and Tae, Aflac, ABC, CMAs, the awesome makeup and wardrobe professionals, and the super generous production and promotion companies...they all made us feel like friends, not just clients or a charity project.

Saturday morning, Caroline was able to join Margaret for a Yoga workout fundraiser that our friend Mary Claire organized to support our family.  The turnout was great for both the Boot Camp and Yoga class.  We are so grateful to everyone that participated and donated to the amazing morning of fun and sweat!

Saturday night, Caroline attended a special pre-show meet and greet with Canadian rock legend, Rik Emmett, who wrote her favorite cancer fight song..."Fight The Good Fight!"  He was very gracious to take time away from his warm-up routine and dinner to spend time with Caroline.  Big thanks to Boston Dan, Rik, Dave Dunlop, and the entire team for making that happen!

We continue to be humbled by the generosity and kindness we've seen throughout this journey.

The Lantz Family
Back again!

Maddie and Tae

Mary Claire and Lauren

Rik Emmitt


  1. Praying for Caroline during this next round of treatment and for you both as well. I love all the pictures from the CMA awards. You all looked awesome. Love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving from the Whisner family.

  2. That's wonderful Caroline was able to participate in 3 special activities! How cool that she was able to meet Rik Emmit! What a thrill for your family to be able to attend the CMA's! I was cooking dinner in my kitchen while streaming the Red Carpet interviews on my tablet. I heard a young girl telling her age in such precise detail, so I went into the living room to see what was going on. To my amazement, there was Caroline on my tablet! She was in a hurry to see the show! But Mattie & Tay had just a little more to say! I'd share the screenshots I snapped, but I don't see a way to post them on here.