Friday, November 2, 2018

Immunotherapy - Round 1

Caroline is on her 4th and final day of the antibody infusion for Round 1 of Immunotherapy.  As a reminder, there are 6 rounds of Immunotherapy, which is the last step in the "standard treatment protocol" for High-Risk Neuroblastoma; we are anticipating these rounds to last until late March 2019.

So far, Caroline has had most of the typical side effects that can accompany the antibody infusions:  high fever (up to 105!), severe nerve pain, rash, low blood pressure, and reduced oxygen levels. Her Vanderbilt team has done an excellent job of relieving the symptoms as they arise.  Other than a quick goodbye visit with her buddy Finn on Tuesday, and watching a little hallway Halloween parade, she has mostly remained in bed.

This morning, Caroline required another red blood cell transfusion due to low hemoglobin counts.  The transfusion should help her body finish out this antibody round on a strong note.  Assuming no fever or other issues, we hope to be able to go home by Sunday.  She will still require a daily shot for a week, as well as a daily pill for two weeks when we come home, which is considered a part of this Immunotherapy round.  The next inpatient stay and infusion round will start in a few weeks.

Thank you again for the meal gift cards, prayers, donations and offers for help with Andrew!  It has all been very helpful and we appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Team Lantz


  1. Just looking at her, she is like a young Mary, Mother of God in meditation.

  2. Prayers for Caroline and love and support for all of you.

  3. Praying for Caroline tonite.

  4. Prayers that your weekend is going well & that Caroline will be released as planned tomorrow! I hope that Caroline will be able to have opportunities for fun activities, such as riding her two wheeler bike in between immunotherapy treatments and that she will continue to enjoy her home school sessions as a kindergartener. God Bless all of you!

  5. I'll keep praying for you, Caroline. :)