Friday, April 20, 2018

Rally on the Runway

Last night was an amazing, fun, emotional event!  Caroline shined on the runway!  We are very thankful we were invited to participate in the Rally Foundation Fundraiser.  Thank you to everyone who participated - friends, supporters and volunteers - it seemed to be a huge success!


Caroline's escort for the evening was Mr. David King, a Defensive End for the Tennessee Titans! 

Tennessee Titans escorts and the models!

Caroline and her friend, Sadie, who battled Neuroblastoma when she was a baby.

Caroline's runway debut - sassy swagger!

So touched that Carmen and Shannon volunteered - it was great to have them there!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The Lantz Family


  1. I think she was more comfortable on the runway than her escort was!

  2. What can I say. That was the walk of a very confident girl. I loved it and all the pictures. Prayers continue for Caroline and you guys too.

  3. Caroline looks so beautiful! Thinking of her and praying for her daily. Continued prayers for strength for your family.

  4. She's adorable and you guys look great! Love y'all!

  5. Our prayers rise to heaven and pour down on Caroline and her family as saving Grace.

  6. Yes you can Fight that cancer Caroline. Prayers WORK. I'm praying for a complete healing in Jesus. You go PRETTY little girl!

    Judy in Spartanburg.