Monday, April 16, 2018

Pre-K Graduation / Parlour 3 / Nashville Zoo

Just wanted to share some random updates from the last few days...we've certainly been enjoying our time together while Caroline is feeling ok!

Today, Caroline went to get her preschool "Graduation" picture taken.  We were so touched to be invited back to The Academy of McKay's Mill for this very special day!  Caroline attended the school full-time since she was 16 weeks old, but wasn't able to return once she was diagnosed.  We haven't been there since November, and it was (unexpectedly) a very emotional morning for us...seeing all of the friends she's grown up with (they look so much bigger!)...all of the teachers that loved on her for so many years...just being somewhere that reminded us of our "old" life and daily routine.  We are so, so thankful that Caroline will now have a preschool "graduation" picture to put next to Andrew's; it was something we thought she would miss out on.

Yesterday, Caroline and Margaret were treated to a "Day of Beauty" at Parlour 3 Salon, to prepare for the Rally on the Runway event this coming Thursday (you can read more about the event here).  A driver picked them up, and even had flowers for Caroline (shout out, Mr. Kemper!).  They arrived to a red carpet and a whole welcoming fancy!  They met the other "runway models" and their mothers, as well as many of the Rally Foundation volunteers...very inspiring.  Caroline got her make-up done, ate lunch and made a craft to give to the Titans player that walks her down the runway.  They even went home with a cool swag bag!  We are really looking forward to Thursday, and feel very lucky to be a part of such an amazing Foundation.

Last Friday, Caroline and Margaret went to the Nashville Zoo.  She LOVED it!  It felt great to walk around in the fresh air and check out all of the animals.  We're trying to squeeze in as much as we can before surgery next week!

Thank you for your continued support for our family - you're all still helping to hold us up and push us through. 

Much appreciation -
Team Lantz


  1. Love this update!!! Go Caroline!!! You’re doing great.

  2. The best update! I love that she was able to do all of these fun things and enjoy it! Love you guys!

  3. Fantastic!!! So happy for you all that Caroline was able to participate. She is such a special little girl. 💕

  4. These pictures just melt me. Love you guys so much. Praying without ceasing

  5. Thank you for updatig us on your sweet girl. I am so happy that you got to feel a little touch of what life was like before caroline got sick if even for a short time. Hollie at the academy is the most thoughtful and loving human. There was not a dry eye here looking at her beautiful face. Praying for you every day.

  6. It was so awesome getting to see you guys today.