Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Cycle 9 Admission

After getting bumped for treatment 3 weeks in a row, Caroline finally "made counts" yesterday, and was able to be admitted for Cycle 9.  One of her chemotherapies has been reduced by 25% to (hopefully) aid in an easier recovery post-treatment.  However, she's had a really rough start already - intense nausea is the biggest challenge - but her team is doing their best to get her some relief.  If this ends up being a “typical” cycle, we anticipate being inpatient through Saturday.

Please continue to pray for Caroline, specifically for overall comfort and alleviation of her nausea.

We’re so grateful for all the support!
Team Lantz

Getting an EKG before adding more anti-nausea meds to the regimen...

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  1. Praying for Caroline! Praying that the reduction in chemo and adding the anti-nausea medicine will help her have an easier recovery from this treatment.