Friday, October 15, 2021

Life Update / Scan Results: 30 Months

Over the past few weeks, Caroline has recieved numerous post-treatement tests/scans/appointments, which concluded yesterday.  As always, we prayed hard for No Evidence of Disease (NED)...and we are beyond thrilled to be able to share that Caroline continues to be cancer-free since April 2019, 2.5 years after completing her standard treatment protocol for Stage IV, High-Risk Neuroblastoma and six months after completing her DFMO Clinical Trial!

Test Results
VMA/HVA urine test - NED
CT Scan - NED
X-Ray - No abnormalities
Labs/Blood Markers - All in good range, but she needs an iron supplement
MRI for Spinal Compression Fractures - No change

We want to thank her amazing team of caretakers at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, the Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation for her DFMO clinical trial, and the army of prayer warriors around the world who have supported us for (almost) 4 years.

Caroline is currently thriving in 2nd grade, playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and excels in her main sibiling duty of annoying her brother.  We are so grateful she has been able to enjoy being a “normal” kid in 2021.

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Caroline was able to support and create awareness through a variety of events:

~Formulated a "carolinestrong" candle scent in collaboration with In Love There’s Light as a Fundraiser for Beat Childhood Cancer 
~Ambassador for the Children's Miracle Network during the "Ride of a Life Time" at Lifetime Fitness (shoutout to Ms. Hilary and her spin class!)
~Actor in a Love Your Melon and BeatCC awareness campaign video (click here to watch if you have Facebook)

Pediatric cancer is severly underfunded, recieving only 4% of all government funding for cancer-related research, so we are always honored to be asked and happy to participate in doing our part to shine a spotlight on this dreadful disease in hopes of advancing research.

All the best,
The Lantz Family


  1. This is such fabulous news. God's love is amazing, His grace endless. I will continue to offer my prayers for Caroline and your family.

  2. Wonderful news👏 I often check to see how she is doing, God Bless!