Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Compression Fracture Follow-up

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a sweet, fun day: candy before school, beautiful matching necklaces from Mark for Caroline and Margaret, a cross necklace for Andrew, in-home dance lessons for Caroline, visits with hospital friends and many awesome care packages!!!

We also had a follow-up appointment today with Caroline's neurosurgeon, who is monitoring her vertebral compression fracture.  As a refresher, the compression fracture occurred around December 8th.  They believe (and we still hope!) that the reason for the compression fracture is because the cancer cells around her spine were reacting to the chemo, and shrinking, compressing her spine.  Caroline is still at risk of further compression fractures throughout her treatment protocol, which is still a substantial length of time, so they will continue to do intermittent x-rays, as well as review all of her scans ordered by the oncology team.

Prior to our neurosurgery appointment, we were able to visit sweet Molly, who is having an unexpected stay at the hospital due to mucositis and fever.  Caroline was able to get her to smile, but she and her family could really use some extra prayers.  Neuroblastoma treatment protocol has patients/families overnight in the hospital plenty, so any extra nights just feel extra hard!  Caroline also got to visit and hug on a couple of her favorite caretakers from Vanderbilt.

Besides going to school and missing her friends, one of the biggest things Caroline misses is her dance/tumble classes.  One of her teachers came to the house this morning to help her learn a dance routine to Carrie Underwood's "Champion."  The dance is so adorable!  Caroline was so happy to be dancing, and we're so grateful that she is still able to do something she loves, even if it's isolated.

We will be going back to the hospital on Friday for our regular clinic visit, and then her CT scan is scheduled for Monday, 2/19.

We hope that everyone is having a great week (despite the weather, if you're in TN!), and thank you, as always, for the prayers and support.

Love to all,
The Lantz Family

Visiting Molly and SO excited to see Nurse Katie and Dr. Kaviany

Stretching with Ms. Sandy

Happy Valentine's Day

Legitimately beating Mommy in Tic Tac Toe

Exhausting Day!

Superhero V-Day Cookies from the Maltz Family


  1. So wonderful to see such a beautiful smile! Prayers abound and grateful for the continued great progress. We love you all! ❤️

  2. I saw sweet Caroline dancing on Carrie Underwood's Instagram and wanted to see her story. I'm amazed at how she wants to cheer others up as she struggles herself! She is remarkable!!! I will pray for Caroline daily & will continue to follow her story. She is beautiful and can dance like a champion!!!!

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