Thursday, January 4, 2018

No Place Like Home!

I tried to write this post without using exclamations at the end of each sentence, but couldn't, so...

After 4 unexpected days in the hospital, Caroline was finally able to come home yesterday; earlier than we thought, so no complaints! 

A combo of the Neulasta shot, two blood transfusions, and a blood platelet transfusion all helped to bump her numbers up for discharge...modern medicine, blood donors and prayer warriors all rock!

We will be resting at home, comfortably isolated from this terrible cold and flu season.  Stay warm and healthy out there!

Team Lantz


  1. Her picture supports the exclamations! I love her spirit! Continued prayers for your family.

  2. god bless all of you . we love you. linda and peter fayerweather you all stay safe and warm.

  3. She is seriously beautiful! Such a brave girl. Thinking of your family always.