Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Biopsy Results

It has been a rough couple of days for Caroline (and mom) in the hospital.  The chemo cocktail is much harder on Caroline's body than the drugs used in her first 2 rounds.  She is also on steroids this round and that causes some pretty severe mood swings (ROID RAGE!).  We are all hanging tough, but it is certainly a challenging week so far. 

We just met with one of Caroline's primary doctors, and the biopsy results from Monday are in.  Her bone marrow has 20-25% Neuroblastoma cancer cells (compared to the 80-100% at diagnosis), which means she is responding to treatment so far.  We are certainly pleased with the improvement and progress she is making in this first stage of the treatment plan - small victory, but we will take it!

We are meeting with the transplant team tomorrow to find out timing of her stem cell "collection" that will be used for transplant.   

Just to remind everyone, the overall 18-24 month protocal treatment plan: (steps 1-7)

1) 5 Rounds of in-patient chemo, with 2 weeks in between rounds (bone marrow biopsies and stem cell collection done at some point in here)

2) MIBG scan to review progress

3) Surgery to remove main tumor (if possible)

4) Two rounds of in-patient Stem Cell Transplant and HIGH DOSE chemo (each round is a one-month stay in isolation at the hospital)

5) Radiation (out patient)

6) Immunotherapy (in and out patient)

7) Scans to check progress

***8) Optional Clinical Trial of a daily medication for 2 years to help prevent relapse (we plan on participating)
As always, thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Team Lantz


  1. It sounds like a tough road, but you guys have got this! One step at a time. That’s so great that she is responding to the treatment. Thoughts and prayers for you all every day!

  2. I pray everyday for Caroline. I pray that all this treatment will work. I know my cousin, Mary Anne, and all of you must be very worried and so I pray for all of you also to give you the strength to cope and hope for the best for Caroline. Vince

  3. Good news on her progress. Praying for continued strength for Caroline and family. This little girl is tough! Thank you for updating all of us onher progress. She is in my thoughts everyday.
    Liz Reimer

  4. Words cannot describe my love for all of you.
    Always thinking and praying for the family.

  5. I don’t know you personally but I am praying for your family. I have learned from my own journey to take everything one day at a time. It can seem overwhelming to look to far ahead. Just trust God for each day as it comes and draw strength from him and those around you. God WILL carry you through. He is faithful and true. Many prayers for your precious girl and you both.

  6. Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers ~ Mackenzie XOXO

  7. Stay positive and keep Caroline positive as you are doing, I am sure the Doctors have told you how important it is too. I have only seen successful results with Stem cell Transplant with someone close to me, and it is a very difficult time leading up to the actual transplant but positivity plays such an import role and of course your faith in the Lord above. God bless you all and definitely in my prayers.

  8. Great results praise the Lord. I pray God gives you all strength every day. Thank you for continuing to share this journey with all of us.

  9. Great results praise the Lord. I pray God gives you all strength every day. Thank you for continuing to share this journey with all of us.

  10. Praise the Lord for the progress. We hope this week is going well for Caroline. Keep fighting!!! Much love, from the Almonte’s.