Monday, February 19, 2018


After 4 unexpected nights in the hospital, we are home!  Caroline got another blood transfusion this morning, and is coming home with an IV antibiotic that Nurse Mom will be administering.  She also got her CT Scan this afternoon, but we do not know when we will have the final results...we will keep everyone posted.

Our photos from the "Flashes of Hope" session arrived while we were gone - you can read the blog post on when they were taken, and about that amazing organization, here.

There is a T-Shirt fundraiser open through March 11th, if you weren't able to get t-shirts the first time they were being sold, or need more.  Click here for the link.  Thanks for all your support!

About to enter her CT Scan

Flashes of Hope 

Flashes of Hope

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The Lantz Family


  1. I'm so happy all of you are home. I love the pictures, I thought the one of Caroline and Margaret was my favorite, until I saw the one of Caroline--sharing her fierceness and determination. Thank you again for sharing this journey with us, it renews my prayers and blessings for your sweet family.

  2. Such wonderful pictures!! Caroline’s smile is infectious! ❤️ Praying for continued positive test results!

  3. Continued prayers for Caroline and the family.

  4. Beautiful pictures.