Sunday, March 19, 2023

Cycle 13 Complete / Clip in 4 the Cure

Caroline was discharged from Vanderbilt on Saturday and is now home resting.  Other than the "normal" nausea and belly pain, the week was relatively uneventful.  She will get daily Leukine shots for the next week to help bring up her neutrophils (immune system).  We're hoping she recovers well at home, and is able to enjoy the next two weeks of "track out break" from school.

This coming Saturday (3/25), Caroline will be speaking as an ambassador for the hospital at the "Clip !n 4 the Cure" event, which raises funds for cancer research to find cures.  If you’d like to support the event by participating or donating to the cause, click here for the link.  

Thank you for the continued prayers - they mean so much.

All the best,
The Lantz Family

Peace out, Cycle 13!

Here is a promo video Caroline made for the VUMC social media crew to promote Clip In 4 the Cure!


  1. You got to love this amazing sweet girl 💖💖💖💖

  2. You are amazing sweetie!!

  3. This is what heroes look like....Caroline! #carolinestrong