Saturday, February 18, 2023

Cycle 12 and Life Update

Today, Caroline completed Cycle 12 (of 17) of her chemo/anti-body treatment for relapsed Neuroblastoma.  It was a relatively "uneventful" cycle with "just" the expected side effects: fever, nausea, diarrhea, etc.  She is now home resting and recovering, and we're hopeful she feels well enough to go back to school this upcoming week.

Caroline has been busy this past month enjoying fun activities and time with friends and family.  She started guitar lessons, got a visit from Aunt Joanna and Mr. Ryan, watched her first Junior Hockey game with the Accardo family, learned to ice skate, attended a Predators home game, brought Hank to school, and visited Andrew on his first day at work!  We are so happy that she can take part in some "regular kid" stuff to help distract her from this very long and taxing treatment process.  

As always, we are very grateful for the staff at Vanderbilt for taking such great care of us!!!

Thank you for the continued support and prayers,
The Lantz Family


  1. Caroline, I love all the stuff you do! I especially love the picture of you and Hank. I love dogs too. XOXOXO

  2. I love these pics!! Caroline you are such a bright light. Margaret thank you for diligently sharing with us so we can be praying and also so we can see God at work in y'all's lives! Continuing to lift you up to the Lord.

  3. So thankful she has been able to have fun and enjoy her friends and family. Love the pics. Continued prayers

  4. I love you Caroline!