Saturday, August 20, 2022

Home from Cycle 6

Caroline was discharged to come home from Cycle 6 today. The side effects of the medicine hit her very hard this week - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and pain. It is beyond words to describe the awful feeling of watching endure this treatment...and in a post COVID-19 world, only parents/guardians are permitted in patient rooms. Not being able to have visitors makes for a very lonely week...and being separated from Andrew is another kind of awful. We're so grateful that her body is responding positively to treatment, and we know it could always be worse, but it's daunting to think we aren't even halfway through this relapse treatment.  One day at a time...

Much appreciation for the amazing staff at Vanderbilt...they are so kind and caring to our daughter, and entire family!

Thank you all for your continued generosity, prayers and support; it means more than you know.

Sending love,

The Lantz Family

Wiped and resting at home after a really hard week.

Caroline was one of the patients selected to interview Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman this week, during their visit to the hospital's "Seacrest Studio."


  1. Continued prayers

  2. We shall keep sending all the positive energy your way! And way cool on being able to interview Keith and Nichole. I hope you got to talk about that at school!