Friday, May 17, 2019

Clinical Trial Update

Caroline has officially completed her first month on the DFMO clinical trial drug, which is hopefully going to significantly reduce the risk of a relapse.  She had a clinic appointment this morning, and her labs looked great!

It's been a really fun month for Caroline to be a "normal" kid, and for us to spend a lot of time together doing things we haven't been able to do as a family in the past 19 months.  Some highlights include:

- getting to go to "real" school and ride the bus...even go on her first field trip
- losing (another) front tooth
- taking swimming lessons and being able to get back into the pool
- visiting the "American Girl" doll store for the first time
- being able to finally go into a movie theater (she saw "Penguins")
- Going to Andrew's baseball games
- 3 Easter egg hunts
- Preds Playoff Game
- Franklin Main Street Festival
- Play dates and the park with friends
- Walking as an ALUMNI in the Rally on the Runway Event, where she was interviewed and created original artwork that raised $7,500 for the foundation!

Other than one day in the ER after catching a virus 2 weeks ago, we've really had an awesome month.  Her hair is growing back quickly, and relative to what she's been through, the 6 DFMO pills per day that she needs to take is not a big deal for her. 

Assuming all goes well, Caroline will go back to clinic in a month for a check-up!  It's a surreal feeling to be on the other side of that daunting and devastating treatment, but it makes us so grateful for each day.  We feel so thankful, blessed, relieved, and happy to be able to look ahead. 

Thank you for the love, support and prayers!
The Lantz Family

Rally on the Runway 2019 - Holding up her 2018 Rally Card

Field Day at school

Easter 2019


  1. Awesome! So happy to hear this good news!

  2. Caroline has been on our prayer chain at church for close to a year. Last week, I was so happy to update with praise, that your family had officially gone one month without a need to update her page, that you were just able to “be.” The news was welcomed with applause. We will continue to pray that her trial job does job it is designed for.