Sunday, October 21, 2018

A "REAL" Fall Break / Progress Scans and Tests Up Next...

Our October 2017 Fall Break was our best family vacation...until we were able to go back for an even better October 2018 vacation! Since her diagnosis 11 months ago (Nov 2017), Caroline has spent at least 130 overnights at Vanderbilt/Cincinnati, so this return to Seagrove Beach, FL was very much needed and appreciated by all.  It was the first time we all got to take a break together in a year!

We are very grateful to our cousin, Victoria, for allowing us to use her beautiful vacation home on 30A! Caroline’s only limitation at the beach was to not get her central Hickman line wet or sandy, which we successfully accomplished!  Aside from swimming, she was able to do all the other fun things that she would usually do at the beach.

Caroline has a busy and important upcoming week of outpatient appointments at Vanderbilt:
- two clinic visits for bloodwork labs and overall health
- X-rays to check the stability of her spinal compression fractures
- Audiology test to check impact of chemo on her hearing
- CT Scan
- Bone Marrow Biopsy
- MIBG Scan (requires radioactive injection 24 hours prior to the scan)

The scans and biopsy are all progress updates that will help her oncology team determine if there is any remaining evidence of Neuroblastoma.  Her last progress scans were prior to her surgery in April, so needless to say, this will be a very anxious week for mom and dad.   We really appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for positive test results. 

Feeling refreshed!
The Lantz Family
CarolineSTRONG at the beach!

Central line wrapped up tight in an aquaguard and cling wrap...she said she felt like a mummy - LOL!

Sunrise on the beach!

Playing football in Seaside!

The first thing we did when we arrived was walk down to the beach and snap a family picture...we were so, so thankful to be able to take this break!


  1. So thankful for this beach time for your family. Love the pics! Praying for good news from this week’s tests! Love y’all!

  2. I have been following your journey all the way from Sweden and I am so impressed with the strength of your little girl! The strength of your entire family, really! Sending so much love your way for your important tests. /Jenny in Sweden

  3. I love your pictures. I think the one of the kids together is my favorite. So sweet. I'm glad you had a awesome fall break. We will be praying for Caroline as she has test this week. I pray for God's continuous blessing on you all.

  4. What a well deserved and wonderful vacation all of you had together! This is a true blessing! Glad your beach was not near the devastation that Hurricane Michael had caused and that all of you had such a great time! 🏖

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