Monday, July 16, 2018

Day 1: High-Dose Chemo

Today at 7am, we were admitted for Caroline's first day of high-dose chemo.  We had a very stressful and adventurous start to the summarize:
  1. Last night, we got a call that Friday's echo-cardiogram showed that her central line may have moved internally, and would require an early morning X-ray to confirm; if it had moved, it would require surgery to repair.  Caroline wasn't able to eat/drink after midnight last night, just in case.  We were extremely worried about her having to endure another surgical procedure right before high-dose chemo, which is already rough enough.  Thankfully, the X-ray showed that all is normal, and we were able to start chemo on time.
  2. Unrelated to the scare above, during the first full hour of chemo, we noticed that Caroline's central line was leaking blood onto her bed.  We immediately called the nurses. ..they paused her chemo, and moved both chemos to one line.  They found a cut in her left-side line, and luckily, the surgery team was able to fix it bedside...fascinating to watch (kind of like fix-a-flat tire patch, with super glue).
  3. FUN NEWS: Caroline lost her first tooth today at exactly 2:30pm (aka: toof joke)!!!  She was so proud and excited, and has been telling anyone and everyone that passes by!
Caroline will receive 3 different types of chemo for the next 3 days, and then 2 types of chemo on the 4th day (Thursday), followed by a stem cell transplant on Monday (7/23).  We expect to be here for the next 30 days or so, recovering from this sub-lethal dose of chemo.

Thank you very much to everyone that donated Postmates gift cards for hospital meals - they are a huge help!  We appreciate all of the generosity and prayers you've sent our way!

Much Love,
The Lantz Family
#carolinestrong #ftgf

Chemo cocktail...

 Waiting for the X-Ray

Hug the X-Ray Machine!

Slice in central line.

Bedside line repair.

Playing babies while getting chemo!

Lost her 1st Tooth!!!


  1. You guys are amazing; go Team Lantz! #carolinestrong

  2. What a busy. Very exciting news about losing your first tooth. I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy leaves for you. I pray you get lots of rest tonite sweet Caroline.

  3. You all are so incredibly special! Thoughts and prayers continue. We love you and are so proud of Caroline. ❤️😘🙏🙏😘❤️

  4. Prayers during this second round of high dose chemo that all goes as planned from now on over the next month. I hope the tooth fairy is good to Caroline tonight! God Bless!

  5. Caroline, you are incredible. Mom, Dad and Andrew, you are amazing. May God continue to bless you all, as you work through this time. I'm praying right now for you. Devin and I will continue to pray for you all as Caroline goes through this next round of chemo. Love you all.

  6. Woke up thinking of you all and praying. Keep fighting the good fight dear Caroline. You are so strong. All our love and PRAYERS to the Lantz family ❤️

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