Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random Updates

We are heading into the clinic Friday, and are hoping that Caroline's ANC counts (and all other counts!) are high enough to start round 5 of chemo, after being rolled 3 weeks in a row.  We know that our pray warriors are behind us, and we're praying hard with you.

Kindergarten Registration
Margaret registered Caroline for Kindergarten on Tuesday.  Although Caroline will not be able to attend Kindergarten at school, Williamson County offers "Homebound Instruction," which means Caroline will be taught at home (or in the hospital), until her immune system is strong enough to brave the petri-dish of germs at school. 

Registration was a really rough day for Margaret.  Although we've spent a few major holidays in the hospital already, this was the first real milestone that felt different, thanks to cancer.  Many parents were able to bring their kids to registration - sign them up for Kindergarten Camp, Sneak-A-Peek, meet Officer Boyd, meet the teachers, etc.  Our version: Caroline wasn't able to go, Margaret wore sunglasses to hide the tears while she filled out the forms, and broke down in front of the principal (sorry, Mrs. Schwartz!).  As we quickly learned after Caroline was diagnosed, we are not in control...but sometimes it's still hard to let go of the vision we had for her...what Kindergarten registration would be (such a fun, big-girl day!)...Andrew and Caroline riding the bus together for the first (and only!) year they would be at the same school...

Although it wasn't how we imagined, Caroline will still "go" to Kindergarten, and we are truly grateful for

Preds Game
We've mostly been hanging out around the house all day, every day, but we were able to get out as a family on Tuesday night to see the Predators vs. Jets game at the Bridgestone Arena.  Thanks to goalie Pekka Rinne, we enjoyed a Suite with other patients, and their families, from Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  It was great to be out in public, all together, doing something fun and "normal."  We're so thankful that he's sponsored an isolated space for immunocompromised patients.

CycleBar Class for Caroline THIS SUNDAY (3/18) at 12pm!
If you are in the Nashville area, CycleBar is hosting a spin class for Caroline.  Click here to sign-up.  Hope you can join us, and major shout-out to Brenna, Anna, and everyone at McKay's Mill Dental for coordinating this event!

T-Shirts Still Available
If you ordered t-shirts before March 11th, they should be shipping on/around March 19th.  The fundraising website automatically opened another campaign because of the high volume of requests (Yay Team Caroline supporters!!!).  That campaign will end April 4th, and will ship around April 9th.  If you would like to purchase the #carolinestrong gear, click here.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers - we feel it, and it's helping us get through each day.

Hoping and praying for HIGH counts on Friday,
The Lantz Family


  1. Love you all and thank you for the update. There are prayer warriors all over the country that are interceding for you. So much love ❤️

  2. Thank you for the update. Reading your words made me cry thinking of Margaret going through this. It should be a happy time and a moment of joy. All these rough times will make that beautiful little girl of yours so tough and so strong and she will be ready next year to sign upfor first grade with all of you by her side and healthy. We think of you every day and pray for you!